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The National Association of City and Town Sheriffs of England and Wales

Did you know you can ask a Sheriff to attend your event?    It can be a Procession....
Opening a new venue or facitlity....
A theatrical promotion....
Acting as a host....
Anything really!
Just click on the link on your town or city's page and contact the secretary for the Civic Office

Welcome to our Website.  We hope that visitors will learn more about the ancient office, traditions and functions of the Sheriff and the role that it now plays within the fifteen towns and cities across England and Wales in which the office has survived.  

The aim of the National Association of City and Town Sheriffs of England and Wales (NACTSEW)  is to preserve, enhance and promote the ancient office of City and Town Sheriffs of England and Wales and to provide opportunity for past and current Sheriffs to meet, socialise and exchange ideas and views relating to the Office   


Please Note:  This Association is about 'civic' sheriffs in England and Wales and has no affiliation or connection with contemporary debt collecting sheriffs and bailiffs in the United Kingdom or with law-enforcing sheriffs in the United States and other parts of the world.    Although we often cross paths with and work alongside the High Sheriffs of England and Wales, who are county representatives, we are not a part of their Association.  The High Sheriffs Association website can be accessed via the link below:   

City and Town Shrievalties
of England and Wales

There are fifteen towns and cities in England and Wales whose residents have 

actively worked to ensure the role and office of Sheriff has been retained.  The origins of the Coat-of-Arms of each of those towns and cities date back far into the Middle Ages and reflects their individual rich and colourful history including their relationship with the Crown.   

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